Home Celebrities Who is Regina Daniels biography: Career, net worth, marriage to Ned Nwoko

Who is Regina Daniels biography: Career, net worth, marriage to Ned Nwoko

Who is Regina Daniels biography: Career, net worth, marriage to Ned Nwoko
Who is Regina Daniels biography: Career, net worth, marriage to Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels, a popular Nigerian actress, film producer, businesswoman, and serial entrepreneur, was born on October 10, 2000. She was born in Lagos but grew up in Delta State. She rose to prominence following the release of her first film, Marriage of Sorrow, for which she received only N10,000.

Regina Daniels Biography & Profile Summary

Full Name: Regina Daniels
Date of Birth: October 10, 2000
Place of Birth: Lagos State
State of Origin: Delta State
Nationality: Nigerian
Occupation: Actress & Filmmaker
Net Worth: $2.5 million
Husband: Ned Nwoko

Early Years

Regina’s journey started at Lagos, Nigeria, where she was born on the 10th of October in 2000.

Her family history is deep in the world of entertainment, having been the daughter of the multifaceted actress producer, and political celebrity Rita Daniels. Her mother also serves as the president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Delta State Chapter.

Born into a lively family with six children. Regina is the ebullient fifth child, surrounded by three sisters and two brothers. As the family ties grew she was raised in the midst of Asaba, Delta State, in the region of South-South Nigeria.

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Educational Pursuits

Regina’s academic journey began by obtaining the First School Leaving Certificate in Delta State. As she progressed, she began in her secondary education at Hollywood International School.

In the year 2018, the next chapter in her academic career began when she received admission into Igbinedion University. There, she began to explore the field of Mass Communications, setting the scene to her future.

Regina Daniels – Blossoming Career

At a young age, her passion for acting grew. At the age of seven, she made her first steps into cinema. She made her debut in the film “Marriage of Sorrow.” As a thank you for her part in”Marriage of Sorrow,” she was given an unassuming amount of 10,000 dollars.

The year 2010 saw her lead part in the film “Miracle Child” which catalyzed her career into the spotlight.

In the last 10 years, Regina has graced the screen in more than 70 Nollywood films and has made her name within the industry. Her talent has also been extended beyond the camera, as she has created notable films such as “Twins Apart” and “The Jericho.”

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She earned her position in the film world and was featured on the big screen in “Merry Men 2,” which was the idea of the well-known director Ayo Makun (AY).

Personal Journey

At just 21 years old her personal life was thrown into a new direction when she was married to billionaire and activist Ned Nwoko in 2019. The union earned her the honor that she was his sixth spouse and their marriage was rewarded with the birth of a son dubbed Munir Nwoko on June 29, 2020.

Prior to her marriage, she was a dancer with her fellow Nollywood performer Somadina Adinma, but destiny did not have her in mind.

The joyous celebration of her husband’s accomplishments brought them to the dancefloor in April 2019, as the couple celebrated his Honorary Doctorate degree from the Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun, Delta State.

But, the path of life can be bumpy and in the year 2017, Regina was caught up in a cyber-fraud scandal. Fraudsters had impersonated her online, and extorted cash from an actress who was aspiring to secure a film part. The truth finally became known which led to being arrested for the impersonator in November of 2017.

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Regina Daniels’s Net Worth

Regina Daniels stands with an estimated net worth of $2,000,000, a testament to her prominence in the industry. Her material possessions include luxurious vehicles like the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Mercedes Benz GL450, and the Mercedes Benz G wagon.


Regina’s journey through the cinematic world is marked by roles in various films, such as:

  • Tears of Ojiugo
  • Jaja the Great
  • Plantain Girl
  • Stronger than the Gods
  • Pain of Royalty
  • Eziama: Land of Blood
  • Slave Girl
  • Royal Covenant
  • Royal Dreams
  • Evil Messenger (Part 1 & 2)
  • Traditional War
  • Queen Rebecca

Regina remains connected with her admirers through various platforms:

  • Instagram: @regina.daniels
  • Facebook: Regina Daniels
  • Twitter: @ReginaDaniels
  • TikTok: @official__regina

How rich is Regina Daniels’s husband?

He is worth about $1.2 billion.

How old was Regina Daniels before she got married?

Regina got married at the age of 19.

Is Regina Daniel still married?

The mother of two claimed that there were times when they fought so fiercely that she considered leaving her husband, but they got through it and are still happily married.


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