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Who is Georges LeBar, biography: All you need to know about Rupaul’s husband

Who is Georges LeBar, biography: All you need to know about Rupaul’s husband
Who is Georges LeBar, biography: All you need to know about Rupaul’s husband

Georges LeBar, better known as RuPaul’s fiance is an Australian artist, poet, and writer. While he is married RuPaul who is an Emmy Award-winning TV host LeBar has kept his private life secret.

Georges LeBar Biography & Profile Summary

Name Georges LeBar
Birth Date 24 January 1973
Age 51 Years Old
Height Feet & Inches: 6’5”
Centimeter: 195cm
Meter: 1.95m
Weight Kilograms: 98kg
Pounds: 180Lbs
Net Worth $2 million
Profession Rancher, Author, and Professional Painter
Marital Status Married
Wife RuPaul
Nationality Australian

The Early Days of Georges LeBar

Georges LeBar came into the world on the 24th of January 1973. At present, he is at 51 years old. His astrological sign corresponds to Aquarius.

As a child, he discovered that his origins were in Australia where he was born. But, his family’s roots are traced all the way to Douglas, Wyoming, in the U.S. Georges LeBar’s entrance into the world took place at Perth, Western Australia, conferring him with Australian citizenship.

His ancestry can be traced back to the white ethnic background and he believes in Christianity.

Australian Beginnings and Family Ties

The story of Georges LeBar’s growing up is interwoven with the natural landscape of Australia in which his parents remain. His mother has an important place in his heart since she is a motherly figure as well as a close friend of RuPaul.

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As a child when he was a child, his artistic abilities grew through his love for fine art and a variety of artworks. Throughout his entire journey, his parents were constant as pillars, guiding his efforts in various fields.


In search of information, Georges LeBar completed his high school education in Australia in the year 1991. The desire to learn was the reason he decided to embark on studies on the fashion industry and designing in some of the most prestigious cities across the globe, including New York, Paris, and Miami.

The Career Path of Georges LeBar

A Multifaceted Career

Georges LeBar proudly wears the mantle of a ranch owner, overseeing multiple successful ranches.

Evidencing his artistic flair, he generously shares snapshots of his creations on his Facebook platform.

His passion for painting is undeniable, and his prowess in this domain is unquestionable. While juggling his artistic pursuits, Georges actively manages several ranches, including a sprawling 6,000-acre property in Wyoming.

Crossing state lines, his portfolio includes a 2,972-acre ranch in Nebraska and a substantial 6,280-acre property in South Dakota.

Beyond ranch management, RuPaul’s spouse dons the author’s hat, penning captivating bestsellers while contributing to the art world as a painter in the United States. Two notable entries in his literary portfolio, “Six Inches Way” and “Pillow Talk,” captivated readers when they graced the shelves in October 2007.

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Georges LeBar Personal Life

An Unveiling of Personal Connections

A love story was told between Georges LeBar and RuPaul, their relationship spanning many years.

The two first met at The Limelight in the famous New York club, in 1994, at Georges’s birthday celebration. A strong attraction immediately sparked the two of them, sparking the relationship that lasted 23 years, culminating in a wedding ceremony that was private in 2017, attended by a select group of.

The public revelation of their union to the public was made clear in an interview that took place two months after their wedding when RuPaul expressed his gratitude for the wishes expressed via social networks.

Distinct Personas in the Public Eye

RuPaul and his co-star, Georges LeBar, personify the yin and yang dynamic in their responses to attention from the public. While RuPaul enjoys the spotlight, Georges opts for a more private and secluded life. This is evident by his sluggish engagement on social media. In spite of his secluded internet presence, he’s the core of RuPaul’s successful career.

Investments and Residences

Georges LeBar’s savvy extends to investment properties which is evident by his possession of a condominium located in West Hollywood, California, as well as an extravagant home situated in New York. But his most coveted property is his lavish Beverly Hills abode, acquired for $13.7 million. It is interesting to note that his relationship with RuPaul has brought him into the limelight from his relative insignificance.

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The Journey Forward

The couple, who are united by marriage Georges LeBar, and RuPaul travel through life’s tapestry hand in hand, forming an unshakeable couple to the world.

Georges LeBar Net Worth

A Glimpse into Financial Fortunes

Georges LeBar’s net value is estimated to be around $2 million.

The sources of his income are his ranching ventures, written works, as well as artistic ventures. While the specifics of his earnings each year remain in public view The lucrative character of his ranching activities emphasizes his affluence.

Furthermore, his union with a successful model, with a reported $60,000 net worth adds to their extravagant life. The couple indulges in lavishness in their lavish mansion in America.

Height & Weight

Georges LeBar’s charismatic appeal is further accentuated by his towering stature, measuring approximately 6 feet 5 inches (195 centimeters or 1.95 meters). His physical frame boasts a weight of approximately 98 kg (180 lbs).

Distinguished by his ebony hair and deep brown eyes, Georges exudes an aura of warmth and compassion that resonates with all those fortunate enough to cross his path.

Where was Georges LeBar born?

Georges was born in Perth, Australia.

How long has RuPaul been married to his husband?

They tied the knot in 2017.

Who is RuPaul’s partner husband?

Georges LeBar


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