Home Musicians Who is Chris Motionless, Biography: Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Songs, Band

Who is Chris Motionless, Biography: Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Songs, Band

Who is Chris Motionless, Biography: Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Songs, Band
Who is Chris Motionless, Biography: Parents, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Songs, Band

Chris Motionless is an extremely well-known name among metal lovers. He is a part of the critically acclaimed band Motionless in White. He is the group’s heavy metal guitar player and lead vocalist.

Cerulli began the band with three other members, Angelo Parente, Frank Polumbo, and Kyle White, in 2005.

They’ve released a variety of projects since the time they started. Chris is now well-known, not only for his music but for his unique and wild appearance. He has a long bob wears gothic clothes and has tattoos on every part of his body.


  • Full Name: Chris Thomas Cerulli
  • Nickname: Chris Motionless
  • Birth date: October 17, 1986
  • Age: 36
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Height: 6′ 0″
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Net Worth: $3 million

Early Life

His birth was on the 17th, 1986, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and faced a difficult childhood due to the separation of his parents.

Music was a means of escape from the challenges he was facing. He started his own band at the age of 16, but creating a name in the entertainment business required a lot of effort. In spite of the difficulties, the musician pushed on.

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Motionless in White was formed in 2005 and began performing in nightclubs, until their agent and producer Zach Neil discovered the group. Neil signed the band to his label Masquerade Recordings.

Their debut E.P., ” The Whorror,” in 2007. The album was followed by their first studio album ” Creatures,” in 2010.

The album ranked at number six in the Billboard Heatseeker Music Chart, and the single ‘Abigail’ Abigail” was a huge success.

The band has since released five albums and their most recent, ” Scoring the End of the World,” in 2022.

The members of motionless white are:

  • Chris “Motionless” Cerulli – Lead singer and guitarist
  • Ryan Sitkowski – Lead guitarist
  • Ricky ‘Horror’ Olson – Rhythm guitarist
  • Justin Morrow – Bassist, backing vocalist
  • Vinny Mauro – Drummer


This Superstar formed the band in high school in 2005, and they started performing in nightclubs.

Their first debut was released in 2007, and they named it “The Horror.” They also kickstarted their national tour in 2007.

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Their debut studio album was released in 2010, and they named it “Creatures.” It featured on the Billboard Heat Seeker Music chart number six.

The group’s second studio album came out in the year 2012, and was titled ” Infamous.” The album was later included on numerous album charts.

The band released their 4th album, titled “Graveyard Shift” in the year 2017. The other two albums were called ” Disguise” and ” Scoring the End of the World” in 2022 and 2019 respectively.

Social Media

Cerulli’s charisma, music, and style are what have made him famous on social media. the number of followers is over 470,000 on Instagram and 400,000 followers on Twitter. He is now a social media influencer as well as a celebrity.

Personal Life

The singer has been in relations with a variety of women but has not yet married. He was involved in an affair with Sarah Malfoy at the time of 2013, however, the relationship was brief and they split shortly following.

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He was in a relationship with an incredibly popular Instagram model and makeup artist, Gaiapatra, and they’ve collaborated on numerous projects together. But, Cerulli prefers to keep his private life a secret.

The last photo he posted with Gaiapatra was in 2017, and he has not been seen with a partner since, so it is unknown if he is still in a relationship.

The singer has a daughter named Riley Cerulli, whom he fathered when he was 20. She lives with Cerulli’s ex-girlfriend, Callie.

Net Worth

The talented singer has been in the music industry for a long time. He has made money from his time in the Motionless in White band. His net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

Chris Motionless is the oldest member of the music group Motionless in White. He has stood by his bandmates through thick and thin. Cerulli began small but has grown steadily despite a difficult childhood.


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