Home Public Figures Who are Patrick Mahomes parents? age, net worth, nationality, biography and updates

Who are Patrick Mahomes parents? age, net worth, nationality, biography and updates

Who are Patrick Mahomes parents? age, net worth, nationality, biography and updates
Who are Patrick Mahomes parents? age, net worth, nationality, biography and updates

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, a prominent football quarterback, currently plays for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL. Known for his exceptional skills and sportsmanship, he has garnered a significant following as a public figure. While his fans admire his performance on the field, many are also curious about his personal life, particularly his parents.

Patrick Mahomes’ parents have been a constant source of support and are his biggest fans. Following in his father’s footsteps, the athlete has embraced a career in sports. His father was a professional baseball pitcher during his prime. Mahomes’ parents frequently attend his games, demonstrating their unwavering dedication and love for their son.

Who are Patrick Mahomes parents?

Patrick Mahomes’ parents are Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr. and Randi Martin. His father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., is a former professional baseball pitcher who had a career in Major League Baseball from 1992 to 2003. His mother, Randi Martin, works as an event planner. They have been instrumental in supporting and nurturing Patrick Mahomes’ athletic career.

Patrick Mahomes’ Father’s Profile Summary

Full Name Patrick Lavon Mahomes Sr.
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 9, 1970
Age 52 years (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Bryan, Texas, United States
Current Residence Texas, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height (feet) 6′ 4″
Height (centimetres) 193
Weight (pounds) 174
Weight (kilograms) 79
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-wife Randi Martin
Children 2
Alma Mater Lindale High School
Profession Former baseball pitcher
Instagram @silky__p

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Early Life and Birthdate

Patrick Mahomes Sr. was born on August 9th, 1970, making him 52 years old as of 2023. His zodiac sign is Leo, which is often associated with qualities such as confidence, leadership, and ambition. Born and raised in Bryan, Texas, United States of America, Patrick Mahomes Sr. has left his mark on the world of baseball.

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Patrick Mahomes Sr. Nationality and Residence

Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s nationality is American, hailing from the great nation of the United States of America. He proudly represents his country both on and off the field. Currently, he resides in Texas, where he has built a home for his family and continues to contribute to his community.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Ethnicity and Religion

With African-American roots, Patrick Mahomes Sr. embraces his heritage with pride. His ethnicity has played a significant role in shaping his identity and the experiences he has encountered throughout his life. Moreover, Patrick Mahomes Sr. practices Christianity, which holds deep personal meaning for him and his family.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Educational Background

Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s educational journey began at Lindale High School, where he pursued both academic and athletic excellence. Following his high school graduation, he made the decision to focus on his baseball career, leaving a lasting impact on the sports world.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Baseball Career

In the 1980s, Patrick Mahomes Sr. embarked on his professional baseball career. In 1988, he joined the Elizabethton Twins as a pitcher, marking the beginning of his journey in the world of baseball. He went on to make his major league debut with the Elizabethton Twins in 1992.

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Throughout his career, Patrick Mahomes Sr. played for various teams, including the Red Sox, Yokohama BayStars, New York Mets, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, Pittsburgh Pirates, and more. His dedication and talent were showcased through his contributions to these teams.

After several seasons of hard work and determination, Patrick Mahomes Sr. retired from professional baseball. His career is a testament to his skill, passion, and commitment to the sport.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. Height and Physical Appearance

Standing at an impressive height of 6’4″ or 193 centimeters, Patrick Mahomes Sr. possesses a commanding presence both on and off the field. He weighs approximately 174 pounds or 79 kilograms, showcasing his athletic build. With striking black hair and eyes, he carries an aura of strength and charisma.

Who is Patrick Mahomes’ Mother?

Patrick Mahomes’ mother is Randi Martin. She is a professional event planner and is known for being a vocal and fiercely protective advocate for her family. Randi Martin plays an important role in supporting her son’s career as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes’ Mother’s Profile Summary

Full Name Randi Gail Martin
Gender Female
Date of Birth June 25, 1972
Age 51 years (as of 2023)
Place of Birth Tyler, Texas, United States
Current Residence Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Religion Christianity
Sexuality Straight
Height (feet) 5′ 8″
Height (centimetres) 173
Weight (pounds) 121
Weight (kilograms) 55
Hair Colour Blonde
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-husband Patrick Lavon Mahomes
Children 3
Father Randy Martin
Mother Debbie Bates Martin
Alma Mater Texas High School
Profession Event planner and homemaker
Instagram @randimahomes

Randi Martin Age and Birthdate

Randi Martin is currently 51 years old as of 2023. She was born on 25th June 1972.

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Randi Martin Nationality

Randi Martin is of American nationality. She was born in Tyler, Texas, United States of America, and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America.

Randi Martin Parents

Randi Martin’s father’s name is Randy Martin, and her mother is Debbie Bates Martin. Her father worked as a school principal and was deeply committed to his children’s academic success.

Randi Martin Education

Randi Martin attended a local elementary school in her hometown. She then went on to Texas High School for her secondary education.

Randi Martin Career

While not much is known about Randi Martin’s professional career, she is primarily recognized as an event planner. However, her prominence stems from her close relationship with her children, particularly her unwavering support for her son, Patrick Mahomes, who plays as the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Randi Martin Physical Attributes

Randi Martin stands at a height of 5′ 8″ or 173 centimeters. She weighs approximately 121 pounds or 55 kilograms. Randi has blonde hair and dark brown eyes, which complement her overall appearance.

Patrick Mahomes’ Parents’ Marriage

Randi Martin and Patrick Mahomes Sr., the father of Patrick Mahomes, got married in the 1990s. Together, they have two sons. The first-born is named Patrick Lavon Mahomes II, who is a well-known football quarterback, born on 17th September 1995. Their second son, Jackson, was born on 15th May 2000 and has gained popularity as a social media star, primarily on TikTok.

Patrick Mahomes’ Upbringing

Patrick Mahomes was born and raised in Tyler, Texas, United States of America. Growing up, sports played a vital role in his life, with his parents providing constant encouragement and support. Due to his upbringing in the country, Patrick Mahomes has an American nationality.

Patrick Mahomes’ Ethnic Background

Patrick Mahomes’ ethnic background is African-American. His father has African-American descent, while his mother is of White ethnicity.

Patrick Mahomes’ Parents’ Relationship

Randi Martin and Patrick Mahomes Sr. are no longer together. They divorced in 2006 but have remained actively involved in their children’s lives, demonstrating their commitment to co-parenting.

Randi Martin Post-Divorce Relationship

Following her divorce from Patrick Mahomes Sr., Randi Martin entered into another relationship. She welcomed a daughter named Mia Randall on 12th July 2011, expanding her family dynamics.


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